Friday, October 1, 2010

Competition? Really, They Are Only Five!

It doesn't matter whether it be who wakes up & gets dressed first, takes their bath first or who receives a good conduct card at school, it is always something!

To make it more interesting, baby sister thinks she has to get in on the mix, too! Who can count to 100 or higher, who found what letter during the alphabet game in the car...there is always a "one-up" on the other.

Some how through the years we have taught our children the evil nature of being competitive. Okay, maybe it is more me, than my hubby. Or is it just the way of life these days. Yuck!
In any case, it is sad to see be witness to this in my very own children.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

NEW from Discovery Toys ~ BIG Tangiball

NEW from Discovery Toys! Fall 2010! Big Tangiball!!!

Stimulate your child's eyes, ears, fingers and nose with this bright red, bumpy textured, light strawberry scented ball. Big Tangiball offers up big fun while teaching new skills like grasping, squeezing, squeaking, smelling, rolling, kicking and catching! The perfect ball for gross motor development. 7" diameter

Still available in the Fall 2010 product line: Tangiball (size compared to Big Tangiball in picture)
Once your baby wraps his little hands around this ball, he won't want to put it down. With its nubby texture, crystalline brilliance and light vanilla scent, Tanbigall stimulates all of baby's senses at once. Baby can squeeze it, squeak it, sniff, roll it and even kick it for gross motor development. 4" diameter

Call 225-802-4444 to pre-order Big Tangiball today!

Discovery Toys ~ Chapter Two

When my twins were about 8 or 9 months old, I decided that it was time to make a little money and try something new. I joined Discovery Toys and had fun playing with it, hosting parties and showcasing their top of the line products at shows. Unfortunately, with twins in tow and a baby on the way, it just became too much.

So, four years later I'm still as in love with Discovery Toys as I was back then and came across a local Team Leader at a local consignment sale and was hooked in no time! The toys speak for themselves and I had been out of work for the past month, so why not jump back in and give it a try. Within a week, I had two awesome ladies join my team and a few others checking it out and determining if it is the right fit for them.

Holidays are around the corner and my calendar is booking up! I'm so excited to share these fun & educational toys with parents AND kids anywhere I have the opportunity. My goal is to share these products with area day cares, learning centers and primary schools to assist in the development of children ages 12 and under.

Looking for a part-time job? $35 gets you on board and this month (September) receive a free black DT rolling bag to carry your toys to parties. Interested in hosting a party to stock up on free toys for your visiting nieces & nephews, this a great way to stock up & enjoy a night with the gals.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

First Time To Call 9-1-1

My twins have turned into "monkeys"! Last week they re-discovered they could climb the crepe myrtle trees in the front yard. I have to admit it is cute and a great way to exert some energy after a long day at school.

I'm minding my business weeding the garden and watching the kids play. All of the sudden Nicky screams, "My leg is stuck!". I calmly go over to him to access the situation. It was evident his leg was not moving.

What is a mom to do with the other twin playing in the ditch and the little sister crying because she is worried about her brother being stuck?
  • Do I pour soap all over the leg and limb and slip it out? Nope, he has a sock on.
  • Can I go to a neighbor's house for help? No, everyone is gone. Seriously, am I going to leave Nicky hanging in a tree alone?
  • Call daddy for him to come home to help?
  • Call 911 for help?
Yep! I made the call to 911 with the ridiculous call about my five year old's foot stuck in a crepe myrtle. The operator asked if I wanted an ambulance or a fire truck. I'm thinking we may need an ambulance, however it will only be the experience of a fireman to remove Nicky from the tree.

Less than five minutes later, I hear the siren a few miles away and turning down our street. Three men hop out of the big yellow-green firetruck. How many firemen does it take to remove a five year old from a crepe myrtle? Less than two minutes later, he was free!! God bless fireman!

Poor Nicky. He was so upset crying and scared while he was stuck in the tree. He even told the fireman "thank you" once he was walking on solid ground.

No less than an hour later, Jackson decides he wants to climb in the same tree!! You'd think one of the other two would learn a lesson by this episode, right? Nah...

Thank you St. George Fire Department on Antioch Road!!!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

2010 Leading Moms In Business Competition

Gemini Greetings is excited to announce its participation in the second year of the Leading Moms in Business Competition hosted at at

In 2009, Gemini Greetings ranked 33 out of the top 200 mom owned and managed businesses. This is accomplished by votes from customers, friends and supporters of these companies.

I am so grateful to all of my fellow twin & triplet moms and dads across the country and beyond who have continued to support Gemini Greetings since its launch in January 2008.

This contest ends August 31st, so please keep the votes coming in the next week and I'll report in a month or two, if your vote helped Gemini Greetings reach the top 200 businesses in this year's competition.

Vote today by visiting and vote each day this week.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

School is Officially in Session

With three young children who have been in daycare or childcare setting all of their lives, it is hard to believe they are all three in school. So far, so good! Not quite sure what we will do when they enter the years of soccer, baseball, cheerleading, etc. For now, I will enjoy each day and all that it brings with it.

We survived Open House and Orientation for each of the kids. I have to be honest, three kids, three teachers and two schools are a lot to keep straight! And to boot...the twins' teacher names both begin with the letter "F". Argh!

Tomorrow kicks off our second full week of school for all three kids and I am so excited. I guess I need to video the kids excitement to go to school. They don't even look forward to the weekend, they are ready for Monday after Friday. Crazy!!

I look forward to all of the fun artwork, lessons learned, lunch menus, and anything else that makes its way home. There is always a debate as to who had a better lunch or who has a better school than the other. Who knew toddlers could be so competitive?

I pray the week ahead provides many creative sources of knowledge for my children and confidence to walk in the new shoes they fill in each of their classes.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

What To Do With My Time?

For so many years I have not had to think of how to plan out a day for two or three toddlers during the week. Lets see time in the backyard pool, reading, educational television, oh...and lets not forget about the snacks in between activities. My goodness! My boys can eat a farm! They must be going through a growth spurt right now.

This morning my boys spent TWO entire hours at McDonalds playing in the nice air-conditioned playground. I could not believe how long they ran, slid and climbed through the maze. There must have been at least 12 kids in this contraption at once. Well, for me it allowed time to communicate with the outside world and enjoy my boys playing and making friends with other kids.

Weather is beautiful and just a little warm...I think with the heat index it is 106 degrees. Not bad for August in south Louisiana, right? Time for a splash in the pool and breeze from swinging on the teeter-totter.

Hhhmmm...guess I need to think of what we'll have for dinner tonight. Planning, planning & more planning. Mom made it look so easy when I was a kid.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Farewell, Ms. Mardi Gras - WGNO

Farewell, Ms. Mardi Gras - WGNO

Algiers - An empire of a business is hurting now that "Ms. Mardi Gras " is gone.

Jerelyn "Pixie" Naquin, the right-hand woman of parade and float guru Blaine Kern, died Tuesday after a long battle with cancer.The 63-year-old Naquin was Executive Vice President of Kern Studios, a business which designs and produces Mardi Gras floats, is behind most large-scale New Orleans-area parades and also puts on street parties globally.At the age of 16 Naquin started working for Kern in his Algiers office, and eventually oversaw much of the business-end of Kern Studios."They call me Mr. Mardi Gras. They should call her Ms. Mardi Gras. She straightened me out," said Kern.Naquin leaves behind a husband, son and grandson.

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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Best of Mommy Bloggers Carnival

Welcome to The Best Mommy Blog Carnival

Role Mommy - Working Moms Blog

It is hard to believe I signed up for this blog carnival six months ago! Wow, where does the time go? With this said, I am so excited to host this stop on the blogging carnival, all of the posts listed below I enjoyed reading and I hope you will too.

Please take a moment to Tweet, post on FaceBook, or even on your own blog to pass along these great stories and tips with others.

**NEW POST...11am**

"Why Should you Consider Keeping Your Twins or Triplets Together in School?"

Kathryn Whiteley of, shares her insight and research about what should be considered when decided to keep your multiples together or separate in school. This is very interesting to me, as my toddler twins enter into Pre-K, and my husband and I have to date decided to separate them. After reading Kathryn's blog post, I may have to think a little more about this decision and will most definitely share with other moms of multiples.

Susanna, of A Modern Mother blog and facilitator of The Best of Mommy Blogs jests about our role as moms and how we relate with our spouse in handling the children. When looking from the outside in, it can be quite funny. However, when moms are plagued by clueless dads, those simple responsible tasks of watching our kids in or outside the home can be a bit frustrating.

Bridgette of Experimental Mommy, recently shared her excitement about attending the upcoming BlogHer '09 held in Chicago on July 24-25. Described as a "virgin" blogger, Bridgette anxiously is ready to make her way to the "windy city" to meet some of the most admired bloggers on the web. She posts about the emotional roller coaster her thoughts tell her what to expect or might be expected of her at the conference. Learn how Bridgette comes to realize why she is truly attending this annual event.

Beth Feldman of recently had the opportunity to meet and learn some unbelievable information about Suze Ormond. Everyone would love to know how to save & make money like Suze. You will be surprised to learn more about her and this unique blogging event Suze attended in New York.

"Make This the Summer to Remember: Teens and Volunteerism"

Susan Heim, owner of & author of "Chicken Soup for the Soul: Twins and More", "Boosting Your Baby's Brain Power" and many more books shares her parenting tips on her blog. A mother of toddler twins plus two teenage sons, we she has a great deal of insight to offer other moms. This particular post is a great reminder of alternative ways for our children to spend time helping others, not just focused on making money. Walk down the parenting path with Susan as she supported one of her children who was unable to find work, but received more than money could offer.

"Through a Child's Eye's"

Son Time Now blog offers a wide variety of mommy tips and in her post for today's carnival, she approaches from a different perspective. Have you ever thought about interviewing your child or children? You will find a few creative questions to learn some interesting thoughts your child may have, you would have never known unless asked. Don't let this special opportunity with your kids be missed.

"Back to School for Working Moms"

Diane Lang, author of My Happy Blog, is a Therapist, Career Counselor and Life Coach with an expertise in multiple mental health and lifestyle needs. Her passion of helping women find their place in motherhood and the workplace is apparent in her recent book "Babysteps: The Path from Motherhood to Career" and in her speaking engagements "The Super Mom Series". Diane's offers great tips for any mom who is performing the balancing act of work & school (for kids, that is!).

Follow along with Shannon's family during the recent Independence Day weekend. Their day trip was all planned out, but along the way they discovered... You just never know where each turn may lead you. Shannon shares the simple pleasures her boys experienced on this day trip.

Are you interest in hosting a future carnival, through A Modern Mother, and learn what blogs to submit your posts to if you want to join in the travels, head over to the Carnival Schedule.

Thank you for visiting Tiger Twins In The Bayou and the other mommy bloggers who participated in this week's carnival. Don't forget to join the Bayou by adding yourself on the right to follow my little Tiger Twins.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Sink or Swim ~ That Is The Question

Whew! I survived swim lessons. Now, I hope my kids know to swim, not sink.

Thanks to Fishy Aquatics in the neighboring town of Gonzales, all three of my kids were able to learn how to swim in a small group over four weekends in June.

The first lesson was tough, not so much in the pool, but getting the kids to put their swimsuits on, getting in the van and then getting them out of the van and to the pool. Seriously, I had to bribe the kids each step of the way for the majority of the lessons. I can look back now and laugh, but it was a daunting task. On Saturdays, my husband had to work, so it was mom against the fishy trio.

If you have ever heard of twins swapping behavior or roles, well, it is TRUE! The first four lessons, my soft-spoken Nicky was so excited to be in the water. He splashed, kicked, blew bubbles and giggled. I was worried he'd choke on a mouth full of water, he giggled so much while taking his lessons. Jack on the other hand, would not have anything to do with the water, instructors or his friends. He had his mind made up, he was not doing it. Well, as you can see in the picture, he did finish and even smiled on the last day! However, on the last day, little Nicky was not too excited and I would have sworn that the two switched personalities for the day.

Thanks, Anne, for coordinating the lessons at Fishy Aquatics. It was so nice to know that my kids were able experience this with their friends. As if learning to swim isn't scary enough to a toddler, I think knowing who is sitting next to you in the pool made it a little more comfortable for them.

I'm happy to report the Tyson Trio will be swimming from this point forward.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day

Fathers across the country hopefully received jovial cards, homemade pictures or breakfast in bed from their little rascals. Traditionally, I always cooked breakfast for my parents for Mothers Day & Father's Day. With three toddlers, that is a disaster waiting to happen.

This year we did things a little different. We attended church and thanked our Heavenly Father for all that he provides for us. Soon there after, we packed up a feast of a picnic (thanks to Nana's preparations) and headed for the park.

It was nice & quiet, not too many others thought of spending Father's Day in the warm, humid Louisiana air. But we found the perfect shade tree and just the right breeze, kept us comfortable. The kids ran everywhere and for the first time in a long time, my husband and I were able to just relax and watch from afar, as they discovered the beauty of nature.

After playing on the swings, slides and see-saw, we headed to LSU and fed the ducks. The kids had so much fun throwing bread in the water. And, they were more excited to see a few fish & turtles, too!

What more could a dad ask for on this special day? We will have our work cut out for us next year, as we try to top this year's memories.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Niche Business Ranks 33 of 200 Leading Moms in Business Competition

In January, I found the 1st annual Leading Moms in Business Competition on It didn't take me long to realize this was a win-win opportunity to become a participant.

Once I registered Gemini Greetings®, I quickly started spreading the word about the competition and begging for votes. So many friends & family were supportive of this endeavor, and passed along the link to so many others. Not only was I increasing my popularity meter with votes, but more people were learning about my business.

In May, I was very excited to learn that Gemini Greetings® ranked 33 of 200 Leading Moms in Business. In addition to receiving this recognition, we were featured in an article about niche businesses. Read more about Gemini Greetings® at

Thank you so much to everyone who faithfully voted for Gemini Greetings® and spreading the word to others.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Giving the Easter Bunny Our Pacifiers

This morning was the beginning of a new era in our home of three toddlers. All of us agreed, including the kids, that we would give the pacifiers to the Easter Bunny.

Okay, so I know the twins were way too old to have pacifiers, but there always seem to be a great excuse to put it off.
And with a younger sibling, well, we just knew the boys would take their baby sister's pacifier.

A couple of weeks ago, one of the twins' tooth turned gray. Which meant a visit to the dentist. If you have a toddler who has had a habit of sucking on a pacifier or their thumb, I am sure you heard the same thing I did, "No more!!". My son heard it straight from the dentist's mouth, so he knew it was serious.

When we returned home to his brother and sister, he shared the news with his siblings. They didn't think much about it at the time. With only a week or so until Easter, my husband and I decided to wait for the holiday to "give" the pacifiers away to the Easter Bunny in exchange for an Easter basket full of goodies.

Honestly, I don't think any point beyond the age when I child is truly "attached" to something, is too late. I had no problem with the twins transitioning from bottles to sippy cups, they were 11 months old. My youngest, it was another story. But I think it was just pure laziness on our part as parents and the "2nd child" or in my case, "3rd child" syndrome.

So, as I type this blog, my dear husband is soothing my youngest, as she begs and pleads for her pacifier. I know that each night will get better and it is what needs to be done. After all, we are the ones who allowed this bad habit to go on this long and we will now pay the price to break it.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Mums the Wurd!

This past Saturday I threw my twin girls their first birthday party. Fun was had by all and not only did a lot of friends and family come to celebrate but they also brought a ton of gifts and cards! I noticed a lot of the cards that we received were either two of the same card or a card made for a singleton with an “s” handwritten to make girl into “girls” or some such variation. There just aren’t many greeting card choices for twins– until now. Read on...

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