Sunday, April 12, 2009

Giving the Easter Bunny Our Pacifiers

This morning was the beginning of a new era in our home of three toddlers. All of us agreed, including the kids, that we would give the pacifiers to the Easter Bunny.

Okay, so I know the twins were way too old to have pacifiers, but there always seem to be a great excuse to put it off.
And with a younger sibling, well, we just knew the boys would take their baby sister's pacifier.

A couple of weeks ago, one of the twins' tooth turned gray. Which meant a visit to the dentist. If you have a toddler who has had a habit of sucking on a pacifier or their thumb, I am sure you heard the same thing I did, "No more!!". My son heard it straight from the dentist's mouth, so he knew it was serious.

When we returned home to his brother and sister, he shared the news with his siblings. They didn't think much about it at the time. With only a week or so until Easter, my husband and I decided to wait for the holiday to "give" the pacifiers away to the Easter Bunny in exchange for an Easter basket full of goodies.

Honestly, I don't think any point beyond the age when I child is truly "attached" to something, is too late. I had no problem with the twins transitioning from bottles to sippy cups, they were 11 months old. My youngest, it was another story. But I think it was just pure laziness on our part as parents and the "2nd child" or in my case, "3rd child" syndrome.

So, as I type this blog, my dear husband is soothing my youngest, as she begs and pleads for her pacifier. I know that each night will get better and it is what needs to be done. After all, we are the ones who allowed this bad habit to go on this long and we will now pay the price to break it.


Elaine B. said...

What a sweet little story!!!

Angie Vinez said...

I absolutely feel your pain. We found out the pacifier was ruining our 2 year olds teeth, so we packed up all of her pacis and went to visit the easter bunny. She handed them over to him, and he gave her a present in return. She cried for 3 hours the first night, an hour the second night, and 20 minutes last night. She still asks for her paci, but we just remind her where they are now. And I will tell you that she does NOT like the Easter Bunny anymore! :)

I posted links to the video of her giving them up here: 5 Vinez Monkeys.

Good luck to your little ones! Hope it gets easier for them!