Thursday, September 23, 2010

Discovery Toys ~ Chapter Two

When my twins were about 8 or 9 months old, I decided that it was time to make a little money and try something new. I joined Discovery Toys and had fun playing with it, hosting parties and showcasing their top of the line products at shows. Unfortunately, with twins in tow and a baby on the way, it just became too much.

So, four years later I'm still as in love with Discovery Toys as I was back then and came across a local Team Leader at a local consignment sale and was hooked in no time! The toys speak for themselves and I had been out of work for the past month, so why not jump back in and give it a try. Within a week, I had two awesome ladies join my team and a few others checking it out and determining if it is the right fit for them.

Holidays are around the corner and my calendar is booking up! I'm so excited to share these fun & educational toys with parents AND kids anywhere I have the opportunity. My goal is to share these products with area day cares, learning centers and primary schools to assist in the development of children ages 12 and under.

Looking for a part-time job? $35 gets you on board and this month (September) receive a free black DT rolling bag to carry your toys to parties. Interested in hosting a party to stock up on free toys for your visiting nieces & nephews, this a great way to stock up & enjoy a night with the gals.

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mrsmac said...

with 2 gorgeous little ones to look after searching for work will be a problem. Perhaps working from home could be your answer, then you can work round meal times, sleep times etc
It does have disavantages too that you don't get to meet people but you can always do that at the creche.

Good luck with the twins!